Easyfront Consulting participates in #noplasticchallenge2020

Sun 20 September 2020

Easyfront Consulting participates in #noplasticchallenge2020, initiated by the association NO PLASTIC IN MY SEA, from 18/09 to 02/10.

🌎 The principles of the challenge :

  • On can participate individually or collectively: consumers, sports associations, companies, local authorities, children, sea lovers…
  • On participates by choosing to adopt one, several or all of the small gestures proposed: no straw, no plastic bottle, use of solid soap….
  • On avoids disposable plastic as much as possible (plastic cup, plastic cutlery)
  • On gets a gourd, a cup, a reusable glass, cutlery at his workplace ( already done for us 😉 ),
  • On makes it known on social networks, we spread the visuals of the operation and we “challenge” our contacts!
  • On registers to the Facebook event and we use the hashtag #noplasticchallenge on Twitter.

So, are you taking up the challenge?

More details here: https://lnkd.in/dgJyPVR