Top 8 New Features in Salesforce’s Winter 21 Release

Fri 6 November 2020

Before we present our Top 8 new Salesforce features for this release, here are the key dates to remember:

  • Deployment to test environments: September 11th
  • Official production release date scheduled between October 16 and October 17
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Now, without further delay, let’s get to the heart of the matter!

1. Separation of your record details with dynamic forms

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The introduction of dynamic forms is most likely the most expected feature (already present in the Summer 20 Release). Salesforce has made this feature available across the board, and it’s accessible without prior configuration.

Dynamic forms allow you to configure fields and create subsections in the detail of a record, placing them wherever you want on the lightning page (using the Lightning ⚡ App Builder ️). This feature is only available on custom objects at the moment (it should be available for standard objects starting with the Spring 21 release).

This new feature will allow you to visually separate different business processes on the same object.

It will thus be possible to combine them with ️ visibility rules, allowing you to hide fields according to the values of other fields, which opens up a lot of possibilities.

🟢 Benefits :

  • Functionality allowing the separation of business processes
  • Ability to combine visibility rules, allowing you to
  • Very simple to set up: Lightning ⚡ App Builder

🔴 Disadvantages :

  • Only available on custom objects

2. Automatic addition of fields to custom report types (beta)

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This new feature will allow you to automatically add any new custom fields of an object to the different reports (available in the report’s field library).

With auto-add, custom fields you add to a Salesforce object are automatically added to all custom report types based on that object.

This feature is activated for your entire organization and not per report or Dashboard, by following the steps :

  • 1.Under Configuration, enter Report and Dashboard Settings in the Quick Search box and select Report and Dashboard Settings.
  • 2. Select Automatically Add new custom fields to custom report type layouts and click Save.
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3. Identification of modified cases at a glance!

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Text and red arrows indicate amounts that have decreased and closing dates that have been postponed (1). Text and green arrows indicate increasing amounts and advanced closing dates (2). Hover over an arrow to view the change, who made it and when (3).

This new feature is available in the ‘Kamban‘ view of the Opportunity object, it allows at first glance to see the modified opportunities (Amount, Date & Status) and to know the author of its modifications.

This functionality is divided into two parts: changes of amounts and changes of dates on opportunities. You can choose one or both options in the opportunities configuration.

Important: This feature is only available to organizations with a Salesforce Unlimited Edition license.

4. Interactive creation of engagement e-mail

This new visual tool in the email template generator will speed up and facilitate the creation of templates. Instead of adding HTML code, your users can drag and drop elements to create effective email templates. Considerable time savings!

Users will have to create a ‘new Email Template’ (by entering a Name and the first information for this template) and can then click on the new ‘Edit in Builder’ button to access the visual email generator.

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Choose a component (1) and drag it to the drawing area (2). Change the details and style of the component using the properties panel (3).

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Users will be able to easily create emails with a very attractive visual!

5. Einstein Search : Evolution Winter 21

Einstein Search powers global search and is available free of charge in the Enterprise, Performance & Unlimited editions.

The tool learns from each user, displays recordings with more context, offers suggested search results and allows natural language processing.

Einstein Search continues to grow with this release, as Salesforce brings two new features to its search modules:

§Rename It—Einstein Search Finds It (Beta) §

This evolution allows to return a result for a standard object that has been renamed. You can rename the standard objects supported by the natural language search, i.e. account, query, prospect, contact and opportunity.

Par exemple : si vous renommez les comptes en pharmacies ou les opportunités en offres, les utilisateurs peuvent rechercher des pharmacies à Seattle et les offres ouvertes la semaine dernière.

§Benefit from Smarter Natural Language Search Results (Beta)

Einstein Search becomes smarter by ignoring common words that are not relevant to your search results. For natural language searches in English, Salesforce filters articles (the, a, an), pronouns (he, she, it), prepositions (above, before), and other simple words.

In addition, Salesforce has fixed a bug in the word ‘My’ for the ‘Accounts’ and ‘Opportunities’ objects. You can filter your search for all standard objects with “My”.

Par exemple, vous avez maintenant un résultat pour les deux recherches suivantes:

“My open opportunities and ‘My Accounts 

Einstein Search currently only understands the English language for searches, so you won’t be able to do the following searches: ‘Mes comptes‘ or ‘Ma requête‘.

Einstein Search only knows the names of standard objects in French -> French possessive adjectives are not recognized.

We recommend that you do your research in English.

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Watch out! This feature still doesn’t work on custom objects!

6. Performance analysis of your Lightning page

This new tool is available to developers and Salesforce administrators.

It will allow us to increase the performance of your registration pages from analyses directly in the Lightning Application Generator. This analysis gives us a health status of our Lightning page. The application generator performance analysis evaluates the fields, the instances of the associated List component and the metadata of a registration page.

In one click, you get your Page performance (Good, Average, Critical) with Salesforce best practices and suggestions for improvement!

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7. Quick access to deleted fields

With the switch from Salesforce Classic to Lightning Experience, the administrator no longer had the option of having all deleted fields on an object.

Salesforce has fixed the bug, there’s a new ‘Deleted Fields‘ button that you can access from an object’s ‘Fields and Relationships‘ option. You’ll be able to see your deleted fields and find them by label, API name or type.

Deleted fields are visible in this tab for 15 days, after which Salesforce removes them permanently.

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8. Optimization of the opportunity scoring model

Optimizing the score model for opportunities allows you to manage more accurate scores. When configuring the Opportunity Score and Einstein, you can ask Einstein to analyze only those opportunities that meet certain conditions (Amount / Status / Source / Date…).

You can also determine whether the moduleshould exclude custom opportunity fields from the scoring model.

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Well, we hope you found this article useful and of course, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the Easyfront Consulting team of specialists!

Guillaume BONNET