As a preferred Salesforce partner, Easyfront Consulting helps customers in all industries improve their sales process, customer service effectiveness, marketing strategy, and multi-channel collaboration needs through Salesforce’s CRM and BI offerings.

Implementing the Salesforce platform helps creating a long-term competitive advantage by reducing infrastructure costs and improving responsiveness. The platform benefits from the best technology standards on the market and can meet all business requirements to meet your current and future challenges.
The Easyfront Consulting teams guarantee an implementation that meets your needs, in compliance with best practices while controlling deadlines and your budget.
Easyfront Consulting works on all Salesforce application modules.


Increase your sales team productivity and performance tracking with Salesforce’s sales solution.
Salesforce Sales Cloud provides all the tools your sales team needs to manage their sales process from prospecting to customer relationship management.
With our certified Sales Cloud consultants, Easyfront Consulting can help you customize your Sales Cloud implementation to meet your unique needs:

  • #1

    Helping your sales team increase lead conversion rates and close opportunities faster.

  • #2

    Monitor more accurately the performance of your teams and make decisions more efficiently.

  • #3

    Automate repetitive tasks so that your teams can focus only on high value-added actions.


With Salesforce’s Service Cloud solution, primarily designed for managing a call center that handles customer inquiries, improve your company’s image through personalized, fast, and relevant responses.

Customer satisfaction has become a major asset in the sustainability of customer relationships, so customer service must be up to the task.
Service Cloud is aimed directly at call center actors as well as sales and marketing departments.

Service Cloud will help your company to:

  • #1

    Increase product knowledge through a shared knowledge base.

  • #2

    Reduce processing time by automating or perfectly assigning requests to the right actors.

  • #3

    Generate leads through telemarketing campaigns.

  • #4

    Increase the number of solved tickets.

  • #5

    Increase the productivity of agents and their availability.


Attracting, seducing and converting new prospects remains the priority of any company.
Adding a marketing brick to your ecosystem allows you to quickly transform your prospects and build customer loyalty.
Marketing solutions are essential to face the competition because they allow, whatever the size and the sector of the company, to save time by automating many processes such as data imports, routes or even the management of unsubscribers.

Gaining efficiency through personalized messages sent at the right time to the right person, and therefore being more accurate through the communications sent, as well as being compliant with personal data regulations (RGPD) are nowadays essential assets.
Adding a marketing brick to your ecosystem allows you to quickly transform your prospects and build customer loyalty.
Through our expertise in Marketing Automation, we support you in the implementation of solutions perfectly adapted to your business context.
Our team of certified marketing consultants masters the Pardot and Marketing Cloud solutions offered by Salesforce. Thus, we advise our customers on both B2B and B2C topics.


Salesforce CPQ lets you quickly and efficiently set up custom quotes from within Salesforce. Whether you need to automate the quotation process, manage complex business rules, or manage bundles, Salesforce CPQ is an agile solution that can be adapted to the specificities of your sales processes.

In just a few clicks, your business rules are integrated into the quotation process!

Salesforce CPQ integrates natively with Salesforce Billing to fully manage your O2C (order-to-cash) process.

It also integrates with your ancillary ERP solutions.

Deploying the CPQ brick in the Salesforce environment gives you:

  • #1

    10 times faster quotation generation.

  • #2

    95% less time spent on approvals.

  • #3

    Quote-to-cash transfer twice as fast.

  • #4

    Contracts set up 30% faster for new sales people.


With Salesforce’s Community Cloud solution, connect your customers, employees, and partners to a single platform quickly and efficiently.
Easyfront Consulting brings you the expertise to create customized, branded portals that are easy to use and meet your expectations and growing connectivity needs for all your business stakeholders.

You will thus be able to:

  • #1

    #1 Facilitate the collaboration between your teams by making available the information and files they need to access and exchange within a secure portal with a controlled perimeter, accessible from any type of terminal.

  • #2

    #2 Create a Self-Service portal and give easy access to a knowledge base (FAQ, articles, etc.) allowing your customers to find answers to their questions in order to free up your advisors’ time for more valued tasks.

  • #3

    #3 Connect your partners, resellers, distributors for smoother workflows while acting in the key steps of your business opportunities.




Deliver consistent, personalized shopping experiences across all channels, convert more customers, and grow your brand faster with Salesforce Commerce Cloud.In the digital age, online retail sites are continually expanding and improving to keep pace with the growth of eCommerce. From online shopping to everywhere available checkout, you need to be ready for the challenges ahead.

How do I build customer loyalty?
How do I offer my customer the best possible experience?
How do I increase my company's revenue through multi-channel eCommerce?

Whether your customers are B2C or B2B, we offer a comprehensive approach that provides the agility and innovation your business strategy needs.
With Salesforce B2C Commerce, we can deliver all eCommerce functionality, order management, point-of-sale operations, and predictive intelligence in a unified commerce platform, providing a 360-degree view of key business data. Together we will be able to create innovative and personalized shopping experiences across mobile, social, web and more.
With Salesforce B2B Commerce, we’re building a robust system that helps you meet the complex needs of professional buyers with streamlined, B2C-inspired interactions at every touch point.
The proven business expertise of Easyfront Consulting consultants and their in-depth knowledge of Salesforce platforms allow us to offer you a comprehensive consulting and technical approach to both the design and implementation of Cloud Commerce solutions.

Business intelligence

Improving business performance requires efficient business management, advanced analysis of company data and task automation.
Adding a Business Intelligence brick to your ecosystem allows you to have a 360° view of your business, to better understand your performance through targeted metrics and to know which levers to use to face obstacles and competition.

Through our expertise in Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence, we support you in the implementation of a solution adapted to your needs and business context.
Indeed, at Easyfront Consulting, we have a pole of experts, all certified.
We are recognized on the market for our mastery of BI and AI concepts.
We implement Salesforce solutions such as the Einstein suite, Tableau Software and Datorama.
We help you extract relevant indicators to monitor your performance and display them in ergonomic, high value-added dashboards.
And we help you free yourself from a complex architecture such as a data warehouse thanks to native connections between Einstein Analytics/Tableau and Salesforce.

Finally, our team of data scientists can help you implement Artificial Intelligence bricks.
By combining the cross-analysis of dashboards and the predictions generated by AI models, you’ll have the most relevant information to make the best decisions, increase revenue generation, and strengthen your competitive advantage. Finally, you will be able to automate tasks now performed by humans and make decisions in real time.

Data integration

Whether you are a large corporation or a mid-sized company, you are concerned about data integration regardless of your multi-Cloud, hybrid or on-premise hosting means.

Data integration is the process of extracting data from a wide variety of source systems in various formats and importing it into a target system for a specific purpose.
This process often involves extracting data through transformation, cleansing, and mapping, ultimately making the data more usable and useful to the system users who use or access it.

The term “Data Integration” also refers to various areas of large data management, such as data migration, application integration, data transformation, data quality, and master data management.
Organizations rely on reliable, quality data to implement strategies, make decisions, and achieve better results. Most companies still rely heavily on traditional IT systems, as well as on diverse data sources with a variety of data formats.


Application integration is not a question of “if”, but of “how”.

  • #1

    In the digital age where inter-connectivity is a major issue, MuleSoft enables companies to create application networks with secure and reusable integrations and application programming interfaces (APIs).

  • #2

    Conceived, developed and managed on the MuleSoft Anypoint platform, these APIs enable consistency, efficiency and automation of applications and processes.

  • #3

    The MuleSoft platform offers ETL, ESB and especially the creation, management and monitoring of APIs (Anypoint API Manager). It allows, in a few clicks, to make applications communicate with each other in cloud, on-premise and hybrid architectures.

  • #4

    Thanks to the expertise of its consultants, Easyfront Consulting accompanies you in the integration of application networks through the design and implementation of MuleSoft APIs, regardless of the architecture.


Zuora is the leader in subscription management solutions. Zuora’s visionary solution for the subscription economy offers a suite of SaaS applications natively integrated with Salesforce to support your O2C (order-to-cash) process. Improve your quotation and invoice generation with Zuora!

The heart of Zuora is the management of billing accounts and subscriptions/contracts. Thanks to the Zuora Billing and RevPro modules, in just a few clicks, you will be able to:

  • #1

    Access a 360 view with the history of all your customers.

  • #2

    Manage contracts and do upsell, downsell, cross-sell.

  • #3

    Configure your invoicing problems, especially the most complex ones.

  • #4

    Set up recurring electronic payments (SEPA mandate, CB, paypal).

  • #5

    Access consolidated financial data.

  • #6

    Set up your income recognition.

Zuora projects are strategic and structuring projects, Easyfront Consulting as a historical partner of Zuora follows the methodology of the 9 Keys to success which consists in carrying out a project according to the following main steps :

  • #1

    Pricing, allowing to manage your product catalog and to adjust it dynamically.

  • #2

    Acquisition, by integrating your customers into its base from dedicated connectors (example: Zuora for Salesforce) or from Zuora APIs.

  • #3

    Invoicing, by configuring your invoice and billing rules so that they can be generated and sent automatically.

  • #4

    Collect, through interfaces with the Payment Gateways that allow you to manage all electronic payments automatically.

  • #5

    Nurturing, because Zuora allows you to manage upgrades, conversions, renewals and other contracts.

  • #6

    Accounting, by integrating with your accounting tool and general ledger.

  • #7

    Measuring, thanks to its embedded analytical reporting tool get operational audits and reports about your subscribers.

  • #8

    Iterate, by allowing you to test what works best for each product and geographical area.

  • #9

    Expand, because suggestion: because your current needs might not be the same than the ones you will face tomorrow, Zuora allows you to update your infrastructure throughout your growth.