Who are we?

Created in 2014 by Mathieu ETIENNE, Easyfront Consulting is a consulting and integration company,  which supports both medium and large companies in the implementation of all solutions of the editor Salesforce, on CRM and BI, within all industries.

We support our customers throughout France as well as in international deployments.
With strong growth since its creation, Easyfront Consulting has become one of the key players in CRM and BI in France on Salesforce.
Thanks to a team of 60 consultants, all multi-certified by Salesforce, we have carried out more than 160 implementations, giving us the benefit of a solid network of expertise.
Our service offerings include consulting & change management, integration, audit & technical expertise, and Application Management through our Center of Excellence.

160 Implementations
60 Consultants


After studying computer science followed by a degree in Business Administration, Mathieu began his career as a technical-functional consultant in an IBM subsidiary dedicated to SAP.

  • 1999

    In 1999, he participated in the creation and development of a consulting and integration firm dedicated to Siebel,which was by then the world leader in CRM, to make it a key player in the French market.

  • 2014

    In 2014, having in mind to embark on a new entrepreneurial adventure, he founded Easyfront Consulting, with the desire to make it a leader in its field while evolving within a human-sized structure.

“It is today a successful challenge and we wish to continue our development around our 4 founding values: Excellence, Sharing, Fulfillment and Ethical Responsibility.”

  • 2014 Year of creation / Partnership with Salesforce and Zuora
  • 2015 Salesforce Fast Growing Partner
  • 2018 New premises in rue du Rocher to support our growth
  • 2019 Partnership with Mulesoft
  • 2020 Partnership with Tableau Software




Easyfront Consulting has become a leader in Salesforce integration. We aim for a very high level of performance, so that we can conduct all our projects successfully, providing our customers with the highest possible satisfaction.
This excellence is also reflected in our recruitment policy. We only hire candidates with strong development skills and a strong sense of customer service.

We look for the best profiles, in line with our requirements and the company's DNA.


Our high level of expertise at Easyfront Consulting naturally involves sharing, which is a very strong value of the group. Knowledge is shared through capitalization tools, meetings, workshops, or Lunch&Learn. The creation of an Easylab, allows the development of expertise in the respect of Best Practices.
Easyfront Consulting favors moments of sharing and conviviality. We meet regularly for afterworks, group meals, sports or fun activities. Once a year, we all meet for a few days in the mountains.

Moments of conviviality to strengthen cohesion and team spirit at work!


We make every effort to ensure that we offer each employee the opportunity to feel fulfilled in their position, while respecting the balance with their personal life. We favour a local management approach that allows each employee to benefit from individualized follow-up. We are very attentive to the well-being and fulfillment of everyone.

The development of our employees is undoubtedly one of the keys to our success.

Ethical responsibility

At Easyfront Consulting, we have understood the importance and the stakes of our social responsibility. Aware of the role that companies have to play in sustainable development, we have the ambition to further develop our CSR project, by involving all our employees. A CSR working group is often meeting in order to think and discuss about the actions to be taken in the social, societal and environmental fields.
We have the same requirement both internally and towards our partners: we ensure that responsible ethics are practiced by the greatest number of people.

It is together that we can build a sustainable planet.


Easyfront Consulting has evolved its CSR approach as it has grown.
Today made up of 60 collaborators, it was essential for us in the current environmental but also societal context, to amplify our approach.
Our daily actions:

Environmental component

Concerned about our carbon footprint, and since our consultants are required to travel regularly in France and abroad, we favor ecomobility and intermodality whenever possible. We therefore encourage our employees to take the train, use public transportation or carpool.
We have provided all our employees with a water bottle to eliminate the use of plastic bottles and cups.
We print only when we need to, using 100% recycled paper, bio-sourced and biodegradable ink, in duplex mode and black & white when color is not essential.
We take care of our consumption of electricity and heating, and make our employees aware that lights and electronic devices are systematically turned off when they leave the office.

Finally, we sort our waste.

Social component

The well-being of our employees at work is at the heart of our concerns.
We make every effort to support our employees in their daily lives, from their integration process to the development of their skills.
We have set up annual and professional interviews for each employee, enabling us to take stock of the past year, assess skills and the achievement of objectives. They allow us to take stock and discuss aspirations in terms of training and job development.
We regularly organize team-building events and we meet every month for an information-sharing meeting, followed by a dinner that allows us to get to know each other better and to cultivate and develop our cohesion.

The well-being of our employees at work is at the heart of our concerns.

We ensure equality between men and women and are vigilant about equity within our teams.
We encourage horizontal management and great communication, as each employee can be a source of ideas and a player in the life of the company.
Our employees come from a wide variety of backgrounds. We encourage their integration by respecting their religious practices, for example.

Our positions are open to people with disabilities.

We are committed to consolidating the employment of young talent as well as older employees.

We are a collective company: we have developed a profit-sharing and employee savings plan.

Societal component

We enable our employees to get involved in actions that support causes that are close to our hearts.

We sponsor events, the funds of which are donated to charities to support projects :


A project that brought light to the people of the village of Aitong in Kenya.


A humanitarian association helping migrants in Paris and northern France.


An association made up of actors who want to act in order to decompartmentalize society.

Autremonde has been working for and with people in situations of exclusion and migration for more than 20 year