Why join Easyfront Consulting?

Easyfront Consulting is a company on a human scale, in which the quality of relationships is paramount.

Each person counts, we advocate a proximity management which is always listening to you…with us, you forget the closed doors!

We all know each other very well, thanks to the many moments of sharing that we regularly organize, which makes us a very united team.

By joining us, you become a full-fledged family member.

Easyfront Consulting is a growing company…with us, it’s always on the move! Since our creation, we are in constant evolution. If you are versatile, curious, thirsty to learn, like to work independently, you will find your place very easily.

By joining us, you are integrating a project in which you will be able to blossom and grow. Our success is yours; it would not exist without you.

Easyfront Consulting is a committed company. Our employees are directly involved in our sustainable development approach. Together, they propose and implement actions to contribute to living in a society that is fairer, more equitable and more respectful of the planet.

By joining us, you become an actor in this societal adventure.




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technical consultants

You & Us

We welcome you: a crucial phase, your integration must be carried out in the best conditions and we do everything we can to achieve this! You will be introduced to the teams, receive the appropriate training, be accompanied by your manager and benefit from a personalized follow-up by our HR. Everything will be done to facilitate your taking up your position.

We train you: our goal is to increase your level of expertise in line with our ambitions! Beyond the training you will be able to follow, you will be above all the first actor of your development but also of your professional evolution. Easyfront Consulting offers you the necessary certifications to validate your expertise and continue your journey to the top!

The sharing of experience and ideas, the transmission of knowledge and continuous learning through project management are also your levers of progression.

We are there for you: it can never be repeated enough, our employees are at the heart of our concerns. To enable you to fully express your talent, we promote pleasant working conditions that allow us to express our values, always at your service! Team spirit, good humour and well-being are part of our daily actions, because our collective success necessarily depends on your balance and fulfilment.

Our business lines

We welcome you: crucial phase, your integration must be carried out in the best conditions and we put everything in place for this! You will be presented to the teams, receive the appropriate training, be accompanied by your manager and receive personalized follow-up from our HR. Every effort will be made to facilitate your appointment.

Technical Consultant

Implementing CRM and BI solutions on Salesforce technologies:

  • Needs Analysis
  • Realization and design in agile method
  • Architecture
  • Developments
  • Settings and tests

Technologies used: Apex, Lightning, visual force, Einstein analytics, Table…

Functional Consultant

He Intervenes on the phases of the project:

  • Needs collection
  • Writing specification documents
  • Designing and writing test booklets
  • Follow the delivery management plan
  • Production delivery

Technical and/or functional project manager

He accompanies the projects of our customers in:

  • Upstream reflection phases
  • Process transformation
  • Workshops animation
  • Design of the functional architecture
  • Coordination of project actors
  • Integration of the CRM in the existing IS
  • Design and realization
  • Change management
  • Tools used: MS Project, Salesforce…

Project Director

Piloting and supervising our clients’ projects at all levels:

  • Functional
  • Technical
  • Financial
  • Schedule management
  • Coordination of all project actors
  • Operational management

Employees Speak

Technical and Business Intelligence Consultant
CRM Consultant


At Easyfront Consulting, we are looking for unique talents who will be able to respond to the excellence that characterises us but who will also be fully in line with our corporate culture and values.

Easyfront Consulting is hiring!

All you have to do is perfect your ping-pong forehand and become an ace dart player to join us? Try your luck anyway and send us your application.
What happens after you send us your application?

Salesforce Technical consultant CDI Paris 8
Salesforce Project Manager CDI Paris 8
Salesforce Project Director CDI Paris 8
Functional Consultant CDI Paris 8
Step 1
You have a first interview with our HR, Justine.
Step 2
If you've done well with Justine, you will have a second technical or functional interview (depending on your profile) with one of our talented project managers.
Step 3
One week later, you will hear from us! Maybe we'll see you soon!